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December 25, 2000
4 Years


Uttara Campus, DIU.   View map


Bachelor , Study

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering – Course Outline

The objective of the BS degree in Computer Engineering is to enable the students to be competent computer hardware professionals as well as to perform further studies. It is a 129 credit hour program requiring about 4 years to complete.

During the first two years, the students are introduced to the basic principles of Engineering as well as of Computer Science. This comprehensive introduction lays foundation in Engineering Designs and Digital Electronics, Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Computer Programming, and Operating Systems Design. In this period, the students are also exposed to broad based pure science courses, namely, Physics and Chemistry, and a wide range of education courses, such as English, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and other liberal arts and social science courses. Almost all the CSE courses are accompanied with embedded laboratory sessions apart from the three explicit 1-credit laboratory courses.

The third year concentrates on broadening the fundamental knowledge in Computer Hardware and its designs. It potentially forms the basis for the student to become a computer hardware engineer for the future. During the fourth year, students are encouraged to deepen their understanding in areas of particular interest and ability. Finally the students are required to complete a Laboratory based Special Computer Hardware Project.

Students are required to complete 129 credits for the BS degree in Computer Engineering:

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